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Our Quad A (AAAASF) Certified Surgery Center in Boston Elevates Your Surgery Experience using State-of-the-Art Technology for less than you will pay in NYC!

Achieving your ideal body shape can be challenging. Genetics, gravity, pregnancy, hormonal changes and much more can impact the shape of your body. Regardless of your health practices, diet or exercise, not everyone can naturally achieve the body shape they desire. Plastic surgery offers a chance to enhance your shape, either adding curves or slimming fatty areas to reshape your body. Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio is a top board certified plastic surgeon who offers body sculpting and contouring procedures at Back Bay Plastic Surgery in Boston, MA.

Dr. Del Vecchio is a world-renowned plastic surgeon who graduated from both Yale and Harvard during his Ivy League education. His focus and specialty have been on body contouring, including several techniques that he has pioneered for BBL and EVL breast augmentation procedures. When it comes to body sculpting, you will not find a more experienced and respected plastic surgeon in the U.S. or in the world – Dr. Del Vecchio has lectured on his advanced techniques on six different continents. If you are considering any type of body contouring procedure, you can trust the expertise of our founder and surgeon at Back Bay Plastic Surgery.

Reshape Your Body

Whether you want that snatched waist with sexy curves below, or just want to flatten your stomach after pregnancy, come see us at Back Bay Plastic Surgery. We offer the best procedures for slimming some areas and enhancing others. From lipo for arms, thighs and abs to fat transfer and implants for your buttocks, we have the procedures needed to achieve the body shape you desire. Our body sculpting and contouring procedures include:

You do not need to be satisfied with the body shape you were given – plastic surgery can enhance your best features and give you confidence in your appearance. If you are considering liposuction, BBL or any body reshaping procedure, come see us at Back Bay Plastic Surgery in Boston, MA. Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio is one of the top BBL and body contouring specialists in the world, producing incredible results for his patients. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio to discuss your body sculpting procedure.

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