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Composite Butt Augmentation Boston, MA

Sometimes the size you wish your rear end to be isn’t tangible because of genetic makeup, no matter how many squats you do. In these situations, a body contouring procedure, such as composite butt augmentation, can help you gain a more proportionate and voluptuous shape. Dr. Del Vecchio is a pioneer in Composite butt Augmentation, he has published the largest series on this technique in the Journal of Plastic Surgery.

Composite butt augmentation is a plastic surgery that utilizes silicone implants, plus transferred fat to change the appearance of your backside by increasing volume. Men and women of this generation want the sensuous look of a more voluminous backside, which is why Back Bay Plastic Surgery in Boston, MA is thrilled to offer composite butt augmentation surgery using silicone implants and fat. If you desire a more curvaceous body profile, our skilled plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio can design a personalized treatment plan that will answer your questions. Contact our team to learn more about composite butt augmentation surgery.

Ideal Candidates for Composite Butt Augmentation

Men and women all across Boston, MA meet often with Dr. Del Vecchio to learn more about composite butt augmentation. Ideal candidates meet the following criteria:

  • Are in overall good health
  • Have excellent skin elasticity
  • Desire a curvier or fuller butt contour
  • Have lost volume due to extreme weight loss or age
  • Have sufficient fat for the transfer portion of the surgery

Surgical Technique for a Composite Butt Augmentation

Back Bay Plastic Surgery offers a variety of implant shapes and sizes to accommodate your needs. Typically, we use solid, silicone elastomer implants since they provide the most natural look and feel. All of this will be discussed in detail during your initial consultation where Dr. Del Vecchio will be able to help you select the implants that best complement your unique silhouette. To begin your procedure, liposuction will be performed on the predetermined area. The harvested fat will be purified in a centrifuge while the implant portion of your procedure is performed. During this part of the surgery, incisions will be strategically made within the natural creases of the buttocks and your implants will be securely placed. The incisions will then be sutured and bandaged. At this time, the purified fat will be injected into and around your implants evenly and strategically. Composite butt augmentation is typically performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure; therefore, it does not require an overnight stay.

What to Expect from a Composite Butt Augmentation

After your procedure, you may feel sore and experience bruising and swelling for several days. Drains may be placed and will need to be worn for a week to allow blood and fluid to empty properly for optimal healing. Usually, patients can return to daily activities within 2 – 3 weeks, but strenuous exercise should be avoided for 6 – 8 weeks. Dr. Del Vecchio is highly skilled in the performance of this procedure for an enhanced backside so many patients are pleased to find the scars are very discreetly placed. Since the incisions are placed within the natural creases and folds of the buttocks, you can feel even more confident and sexy in your shorts and bikinis knowing that your scars aren’t visible to the naked eye. You should practice a healthy diet and exercise regimen to maintain optimal results.

Better Butt with Implants

If despite your best efforts you cannot attain the bubble butt you want, you may be a good fit for composite butt augmentation. Renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio can create a personalized butt augmentation that meets your unique needs. Contact Back Bay Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio today. We look forward to helping you achieve your cosmetic goals.

Composite Butt Augmentation FAQs

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