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Diastasis Recti Repair Boston, MA

The rectus abdominal muscles create the “six pack” on the stomach, with muscles on the left and right connecting in a vertical line that extends from the pelvis to the ribcage. When there is pressure on the muscles, the connection in the middle can stretch and thin. The result is a bulge that protrudes from the stomach called diastasis recti. This is a common postpartum problem for women, but it can impact men as well. As part of our body contouring procedures at Back Bay Plastic Surgery in Boston, MA, we offer diastasis recti repair to restore a flat, firm stomach.

Pregnancy, weight gain, strain and other pressure on the abdominal muscles can stretch the muscles and connecting tissue. While some cases of diastasis recti heal on their own with exercise, some severe cases do not resolve. Those who have diastasis recti will often have a vertical white line that is visible down their stomach, which is called the linear alba. Since the rectus muscles are separated, they allow muscle and tissue to protrude, which is the bulge that is known as diastasis recti. Not only can this condition cause aesthetic issues, but it can also impact bladder leakage and constipation problems.

Restore a Flatter Stomach

Dr. Del Vecchio is a board certified plastic surgeon who can perform diastasis recti repair to restore a flat stomach. This repair is similar to a tummy tuck, but focuses on repairing the separation of the rectus abdominis. Once the muscles are sutured together, the protrusion can be rectified and many of the symptoms can be resolved. If there is excess skin and fatty tissue, a tummy tuck can be performed at the same time to remove the skin and liposuction away the fat to create a firm, flat stomach.

Diastasis recti is often linked with pregnancy, but many men have this condition as well. It can impact urinary incontinence and bowel movements, as well as cause the noticeable bulge on the stomach. Diastasis recti repair surgery can make a significant improvement to the aesthetics of the stomach and the wellness of the individual.

If you have separated abdominal muscles and want to restore a flat stomach, contact us at Back Bay Plastic Surgery in Boston today to schedule your appointment. We can schedule a private and informative consultation with Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio to discuss diastasis recti repair with or without a tummy tuck.

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