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Arm Lift Boston, MA

Do you carry extra fat in your upper arms? Has the skin and tissue on your arms began to sag? Genetics, weight loss, gravity and other factors can create sagging upper arms or “bat wings” that can impact your appearance. Brachioplasty, or arm lift plastic surgery, is the solution for sagging upper arms that do not respond to diet or exercise. Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio at Back Bay Plastic Surgery offers upper arm sculpting with brachioplasty at our medical center in Boston, MA.

If you hide your upper arms under sleeves even during the summer, there is a cosmetic body solution. Many people are embarrassed of droopy upper arms or the infamous “bat wings.” Significant weight loss can cause this condition – the fat is gone but the leftover skin swings below the arm. Gravity and aging can also play a role. As skin loses its elasticity with age, some people may experience sagging arm tissue. A brachioplasty, or arm lift, can remove excess skin and tighten the upper arms. If there is excess fat, liposuction can be used to slim the arms and tighten the skin.

Beautiful, Firm Upper Arms

Sagging or full upper arms can impact your confidence and your wardrobe. Many people keep their arms covered if they have bat wings, but even with sleeves, thicker upper arms can cause problems. It may be necessary to wear larger shirts to accommodate the excess skin and tissue, even if your torso is smaller. Brachioplasty can create smaller, firmer upper arms that you will be happy to show off, whether you are sleeves or not.

Arm lift surgery is ideal for patients who are height-weight proportionate but have flabby upper arms that are resistant to diet or exercise firming. The procedure is usually performed as an outpatient surgery, and there is about two weeks of recovery needed to allow the arms to heal properly. The good news is that our patients love their arm lift results and have much more confidence in their appearance.

If you want to explore brachioplasty, or arm lift surgery, contact our team at Back Bay Plastic Surgery. We can schedule an arm lift consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio to discuss whether or not brachioplasty is right for you. Call our office in Boston, MA, to book your consultation.

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