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Lipo 360 Boston, MA

The midsection is a common area for fat to accumulate. It is not just the stomach – many people experience fat deposits on their sides and rolls around their lower back. When there is stubborn fat all the way around the torso that is resistant to diet or exercise, liposuction can be a cosmetic body contouring solution. At Back Bay Plastic Surgery, Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio and our team offer Lipo 360 to slim the torso at our medical center in Boston, MA.

What Is Lipo 360?

A tummy tuck or abdominal liposuction will flatten the stomach, but it does not address love handles or back fat. Lipo 360 is a technique that removes fat from all around the torso, slimming the entire midsection 360-degrees. Since the body is three-dimensional, only removing fat from a two-dimensional area like the stomach is not always enough to reshape the body. To contour the midsection, liposuction is performed on the abdomen, sides and back to achieve the desired results.

Good Candidates for Torso Liposuction

If you have rolls on your sides or love handles on your hips, you may be a good candidate for Lipo 360. Men and women who struggle with slimming their stomach, back and waist with diet and exercise can contour their midsection with liposuction. Ideal candidates are within the normal weight range for their height with good skin laxity, but want to remove targeted fat deposits around their torso.

Liposuction permanently removes fat cells to shrink targeted areas. With 360 Liposuction, multiple areas around the back and abdomen are treated. Dr. Del Vecchio is one of the most respected liposuction and fat transfer plastic surgeons in the world. Lipo 360 can be paired with a BBL, using the fat removed from the torso to accentuate the buttocks. It can also be used with a breast augmentation with fat transferred to the breasts for natural enhancement.

Are you interested in slimming your middle? For a flatter tummy, slimmer waist and contoured lower back, Lipo 360 could be the solution. To learn more about 360 liposuction, contact us at Back Bay Plastic Surgery in Boston, MA. We can schedule a liposuction consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio to discuss your options.

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