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What is ultrasafe BBL?

Anyone considering Brazilian butt lift is aware that the operation assiciated with controversial safety issues. There have been reports of the operation being the most dangerous cosmetic surgery procedure and plastic surgery. These reports are false and they have proven to be false by data analysis. The operation has been advised against performing in the United Kingdom for the past three years.

Although Brazilian butt lift is not the most dangerous operation in plastic surgery, the fact remains: when improply performed it can lead to fatal complications. These complications all stem from fat being placed to deep in the gluteal region, and are completely avoidable.

Through multiple research publications headed by Dr. Delvecchio, plastic surgeons around the world have been able to improve their knowledge of gluteal fat grafting. Specifically:

  1. Fat placed in the gluteus muscle is dangerous and could lead to pulmonary fat embolism.
  2. Fat place just under the skin in the subcutaneous region is completely safe and cannot lead to pulmonary fat embolism.
  3. The way to ensure that the insertion of fat is always in the subcutaneous region can be achieved with 100% certainty by using ultrasound guided fat transfer.

Dr. Delvecchio performs all his Brazilian butt lifts using ultrasound guided fat transfer, or “ULTRASAFEBBL”

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