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Stop Hiding Your Aging Neck with a Neck Lift Boston, MA
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Are you covering your aging neck with high collars or beautiful scarves? Modern activities create a lot of wear and tear on the skin and underlying structures of your neck. Constantly looking down at your keyboard, tablet or phone creates horizontal lines across the front of your neck that only get deeper with time. If you are also a book-lover, reading in bed with your neck tilted forward will also contribute to neck wrinkles. If you have taken care of your facial skin but ignored your neck, your face may look decades younger, and your neck will give away your real age. This problem can be solved with a neck lift procedure.

Neck Lifts Treat More Than Lines

Depending on your age, you may have developed the fat pad under your chin, creating a bulging and floppy area between your chin and neck. It is what is commonly known as ‘turkey neck’ and is difficult to hide. Clothing also does not cover the slackness of your jawline, which may look rounded instead of sculpted like it was in your youth.

You may also experience rope-like cords that appear to stick out from beneath the skin. These are called neck cords, and they happen as muscles relax and slightly separate from connective tissues. They are also treatable with a neck lift.

Your surgeon will treat these problem areas by combining liposuction, muscle tightening and excess skin removal. However, the skin removal uses a facelift incision, which is placed behind the ears. For this reason, neck lifts are usually combined with facelifts.

Neck Lift and Facelift in Boston

The neck lift will certainly address any discrepancies between the aging of your neck and the youthfulness of your face. However, since the neck lift only treats the area below the jaw, facial aging may become more apparent after the procedure. To prevent this unpleasant result, your surgeon may recommend a facelift to fully restore the young, supple appearance of your lower face, jaw and neck.

There are many types of facelifts, and you may not require a full, traditional facelift. Many times, in younger patients, a mini-lift can be performed instead.

Stop hiding your aging neck and worrying if it will give away your age. Contact Boston’s Back Bay Plastic Surgery to book a consultation with Dr. Vecchio today.

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