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Neck Liposuction Boston, MA

A svelte, firm neck and defined chin are desirable and youthful traits. When excess fat deposits occur under the chin and around the neck, it can impact the chin, jawline and neck appearance. Removing excess fat through neck liposuction can transform the neck and chin shape. Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio at Back Bay Plastic Surgery offers advanced techniques for neck reshaping and contouring at our cosmetic clinic in Boston, MA.

Submental fat under the chin and around the neck can make a person look heavier and older. The excess fat on the neck and under the chin can be caused by genetics, weight gain, hormonal changes and aging. This extra fat can diminish from the shape of the chin and neck. With neck contouring using liposuction, the neck and chin are slimmed and defined for a more attractive and youthful appearance.

Neck and Chin Contouring

Many men and women who are a healthy weight can still have excess submental fat under the chin and around the neck. It is impossible to target fat loss on the neck without cosmetic treatment or surgery. Neck liposuction is ideal for those who still have good skin laxity but want to shrink the fatty areas under the chin. The procedure can be completed on an outpatient basis at our medical center in Boston.

Dr. Del Vecchio is a board certified plastic surgeon with decades of liposuction surgery experience. He can perform neck reshaping procedures to remove a double chin or the appearance of a turkey waddle to improve the chin and neck definition. The neck liposuction procedure can often be performed with minimal anesthesia for fewer risks and a quicker recovery.

Neck reshaping with liposuction can create a slimmer, more defined neck and chin. If you have a thick-appearing neck or double chin, neck liposuction may be a solution to rejuvenate your appearance. To learn more about neck and chin contouring, contact our aesthetic team at Back Bay Plastic Surgery. We can schedule a private and informative consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio to discuss your neck and chin contouring options at our clinic in Boston, MA.

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