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FAQs – Brazilian Butt Lift Boston, MA

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) ranks at the top of the list of most popular cosmetic surgeries. This body contouring procedure involves moving donor fat from another area of your body (via liposuction) and transferring it into your buttocks to create a more attractive and plump backside. Most patients consider it a win-win solution with the opportunity to make their love handles or thighs less noticeable but accentuate and highlight their glutes at the same time. Whether it was Kim Kardashian or the simple shift in the view of a woman’s beauty, BBL procedures are a highly-sought after cosmetic procedure – and also one you may have questions about.

At Bay Back Plastic Surgery, we want to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the Brazilian Butt Lift to help you understand this body contouring procedure and feel confident about whether it is right for you.

Will my BBL surgery involve implants?
A traditional Brazilian Butt Lift involves a surgeon utilizing a patient’s own fat to make the buttocks bigger. Unlike fillers in the cheeks or implants in the breasts, a BBL relies solely on your own body fat for enhancement. You will decide with your surgeon where to gather fat, which can include liposuction on the waist, hips or thighs in most patients.

Will my BBL shrink if I lose weight?
This is a common and valid concern. If it is your natural fat used in your BBL, it’s understandable to wonder whether it will go away if you lose weight. While it is possible that your results may shrink if you lose weight after your BBL, it should not be a drastic or out of proportion. When we lose weight, we do so proportionally, or across all fat cells. Your buttocks won’t be the only or first place to lose fat and volume. That being said, to fully protect your BBL results, try to achieve a stable and ideal body weight before you have your procedure.

Can you get a BBL if you’re skinny?
What if you don’t have “extra” fat hanging around other areas of your body to “donate” to your buttocks? Don’t worry. A skilled BBL surgeon understands this dilemma and can offer a Skinny BBL with a slightly different approach.

Can your Brazilian butt lift (BBL) disappear?
No, your Brazilian butt lift will not disappear. Transferred fat lives on once you have healed after BBL surgery; just be sure to follow your surgeon’s after-care instructions to the letter to ensure the maximum amount of fat “takes” in the injected area. Wear your compression garment, do not sit directly on your buttocks for 4 full weeks (use your donut pillow!), and wait at least 4 weeks before getting back on the treadmill since intense exercise is unsafe while you’re healing from surgery. After 3 months, you should be able to see your new contours.

Will my Brazilian butt lift show up on an X-ray?
It’s okay to question whether your BBL will be exposed on x-ray. The answer, however, is no. BBL is performed using injection of your own fat, just harvested from another part of your body. Your fat layer will likely look thicker on an x-ray, but it will be indistinguishable from natural fat that began on buttocks.

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At Back Bay Plastic Surgery, you can trust that your BBL will be performed with the highest level of artistry, precision and safety. We understand the natural enhancement our patients want to fill out a more attractive figure.

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