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Wide Bridge Boston, MA

Balance is a vital component of an attractive nose. When one part of the nose does not match the rest, it can upset the entire facial balance. A wide bridge can look out of place just as much as a large hump or a pinched nasal tip. To create a narrower bridge, rhinoplasty is the only option. At Back Bay Plastic Surgery, we perform wide-bridge nose correction surgery at our surgical center in Boston, MA.

Some nasal shapes can be caused by trauma or conditions that affect the nose. While it is possible for a wide bridge to be created from a broken or altered nose, it is more commonly a genetic trait. It can also occur after a rhinoplasty procedure to remove a dorsal hump – once the hump is removed, the bridge can appear too wide even if it did not before the procedure. The top of the nasal bridge is created by the nasal bones, which determine the height and width of the bridge. The symmetry of the nose relies on tapering from the nasal tip to the bridge, which wide nasal bones can alter.

Narrowing the Nasal Bones

Wide nasal bones can be narrowed through a procedure called osteotomy. This is a technique that creates controlled fractures in the nasal bones to allow them to be moved. Once the fractures are made, the bones can be positioned closer together to reshape and narrow the bridge. This procedure can be completed on its own or may be performed after a dorsal hump is removed or other nose reshaping has occurred.

Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio is one of the top rhinoplasty plastic surgeons in the country. He has been practicing his surgical artistry since 1992 and has patients from all over the world seek his plastic surgery skills. If you are looking for a board certified plastic surgeon to perform your wide bridge rhinoplasty procedure, you will not find a better professional to complete your surgery than Dr. Del Vecchio. Contact us at Back Bay Plastic Surgery in Boston, MA, to schedule your rhinoplasty consultation today.

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