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Torn Earlobe Repair Boston, MA

Many men and women adorn their earlobes with earrings and jewelry. Piercings are very common, but they can put the earlobe at risk for injuries. Piercings can stretch over time or earrings can be pulled through the lobe. When earlobes are damaged, they can be an aesthetically displeasing facial feature and eliminate the use of earrings. Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio at Back Bay Plastic Surgery offers torn earlobe repair at our clinic in Boston, MA.

The earlobe is very soft and pliable without the rigid cartilage found in the upper ear. It can be pierced easily and heals quickly, but these pierced holes can change over time. Heavy and pulled earrings can stretch the piercings over time. Aging can also impact the skin and tissue in the earlobes, resulting in elongated piercings. Accidents can rip earrings through the small amount of earlobe tissue, but some earlobes tear without trauma due to piercings that are stretched. To repair the earlobe, minor plastic surgery is needed.

Earlobe Plastic Surgery

Torn earlobe repair can be performed in our office with local anesthesia. While it is plastic surgery, you do not need to be sedated for this procedure. Dr. Del Vecchio can suture the ripped earlobe together and restore a complete and aesthetically-pleasing earlobe. It is not as simple as stitching the two halves together – an incision is made to open the skin to reform the earlobe into a natural shape. Once it is healed, the earlobe can be re-pierced so patients can wear their favorite jewelry again.

Earlobes are quite noticeable, and they do change with aging. Even if the earlobe is not torn, it can become stretched and elongated, impacting the appearance. Earlobe plastic surgery can be used to repair torn earlobes or to restore smaller, more youthful earlobes.

If you have an earlobe that is torn in half or a stretched ear piercing, come see us at Back Bay Plastic Surgery. Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio offers torn earlobe repair and earlobe plastic surgery consultations at our office in Boston. Contact our office today to schedule your personal consultation.

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