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Testimonials Boston, MA
Guerline J.

I did a BBL one month ago. I look stunning! I love it! I recommend Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio. He’s the best doctor ever and I’m so happy with the results!

Madison C.

Dr. Daniel A. Delvecchio is the best of the best. I have had many many cosmetic surgeries with many many surgeons all around the world and so I have the experience to say he is the best.

Daiquana S.

Such an amazing surgeon. He really knows what he is doing. I’m soooo happy with my results. 8 weeks post-op and I look and feel great.

N D.

Dr.Del Vecchio and his awesome team was very welcoming and made me feel very comfortable throughout my whole process. The staff were professional and helpful with each concern that I had going into surgery . I would definitely recommend Dr.D because he is not only patient but provide excellent post surgery results.

Shelby B.

My body is banging 4years post op!!!! Highly recommended I love you Dr. D You are the dopest in the game!!!! Book Now look no further!!!

Shakita H.

Amazing customer service! The surgeon was very nice, knowledgeable, and honest which is sometimes hard to find.

Phoebe S.

Paul and Dr. Delvecchio were extremely attentive! They paid attention to my concerns and made me feel at ease, so thank you!

Kiana M.

I am very happy with my results! I am 3.5 months post op

K J.

Dr.Del Vecchio and staff were very attentive, team was very caring and helpful.

Crystyl C.

Dr. Del Vecchio transformed my body with his Mommy Makeover package. Thank you!!!!

Tasha C.

Great experience and great service!

Antonaje R.

Excellent job!

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