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Short Or Over-Rotated Nose Boston, MA

The tip of the nose is very influential on the nose appearance. If it is too narrow, low or round, it brings unwanted attention. One of the most noticeable nasal tip traits is an over-rotated or upturned position. Referred to as a pug or pig nose, this condition can be a result of trauma or simply due to genetics. At Back Bay Plastic Surgery in Boston, MA, we offer over-rotated nose correction surgery to create a more desirable nose appearance.

A short nose with an upturned tip exposes the nostrils and brings unwanted attention to the nose. Some people are born with this nose shape, but often it is caused by damage to the nose. Individuals with over-rotated nasal tips many times have a saddle nose deformity. This occurs when the nasal bridge collapses right before the nasal tip, rotating it upward. This can be caused by trauma such as a blow to the nose, or from damage to the nose structure from surgery or other circumstances. Regardless of the cause, many people with a short and upturned nose seek plastic surgery to create a different look for their nose.

Short Nose Rhinoplasty

Reshaping a pig or short nose can be challenging. If trauma caused the over-rotated tip, repair to the bridge is required, as well as repositioning and reshaping the nasal tip. For those born with a short nose, the techniques vary depending on the severity of the over-rotation. Most over-rotated tip nose jobs require cartilage grafting to rebuild or extend the bridge of the nose. The cartilage can be harvested from the ribs or other areas on the body to create the desired nose shape.

If you are considering rhinoplasty for an upturned or short nose, you want a highly skilled and respected plastic surgeon. Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio has earned his reputation as one of the top plastic surgeons in the world. His precision and artistic techniques are the skills you want when choosing a plastic surgeon to perform your nose reshaping procedure. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Del Vecchio, contact our office in Boston, MA.

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