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Saddle Nose Repair Boston, MA

A sunken nasal bridge is the main symptom of a saddle nose deformity. Whether it is a slight dip in the bridge or a complete collapse, saddle nose conditions usually will require surgery to correct the shape and function of the nose. At Back Bay Plastic Surgery, we perform saddle nose repair surgery to restore the form and function of the nose at our location in Boston, MA.

Causes of Saddle Nose Deformity

Saddle nose deformity is one of the most noticeable conditions that impacts the nose structure. The bridge collapses, which can create a concave dip in the bridge that looks like a saddle. In severe cases, the tip of the nose can rotate upward, creating a short or “pig nose” appearance. On top of the aesthetics, saddle nose can also impact the nose function, creating nasal obstruction.

Trauma to the nose can result in a saddle nose deformity. This condition is also called “boxer’s nose” due to its prevalence within the sport from nose trauma. Other causes include rhinoplasty – if too much cartilage is removed during a hump removal or other bridge procedure, the nose can collapse. Deviated or perforated septum conditions can also result in saddle nose.

Bridge Deformity Rhinoplasty

A collapsed nasal bridge can result in serious health risks when it interferes with breathing. Plus, saddle nose deformities are very noticeable and change the facial appearance. Rhinoplasty, septoplasty and nasal valve repair can be used to reshape the nose and restore the nasal function. Each procedure is customized to the patient, since every case requires different techniques to achieve the desired result.

Saddle nose deformity repair is one of the more difficult nose surgeries to complete. It requires both functional repair and cosmetic reshaping. Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio has over three decades of experience and an outstanding reputation for his incredible plastic surgery results. If you need saddle nose repair surgery, you will not find a more suitable plastic surgeon to perform your procedure.

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