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Revision Rhinoplasty Boston, MA

Are you unhappy with the results of a previous nose job or rhinoplasty? Achieving the ideal nose size and shape for your face can be achieved with the right plastic surgeon. Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio is an Ivy League educated plastic surgeon who has created beautiful results for his patients from all over the world. If you desire rhinoplasty revision surgery to repair or reshape your nose, come see us at Back Bay Plastic Surgery in Boston, MA.

Rhinoplasty is one of the more difficult plastic surgery procedures. The structure of the nose relies on adequate cartilage and bone for support – if too much is removed during rhinoplasty, it can impact appearance and function. Unfortunately, not all plastic surgeons have the same skill level as Dr. Del Vecchio. With decades of experience, he has the expertise needed to perform complex nose reshaping surgeries with natural-appearing results, even when revising another surgeon’s work or repairing nose job failures.

Nose Job Repair

Some of the common issues with failed nose jobs include saddle nose deformities, valve collapse, rotated nasal tip and pinched nasal tips. Not only can these issues affect the aesthetics of the nose, but they can also cause breathing problems if the nasal passage or nostrils are blocked. Rhinoplasty revision surgery should repair both cosmetic and functional problems. Often, a cartilage graft procedure is needed to add support to the nose structure while improving the shape.

Dr. Del Vecchio has performed many initial rhinoplasty and revision procedures with excellent results. If you are seeking to reshape your nose, you can trust Dr. Del Vecchio to create a nose shape that looks balanced and harmonious with your other facial features. Using advanced techniques and his years of skilled surgical experience, he can repair your damaged nose and restore it to the desired shape.

It is very frustrating to experience poor results from rhinoplasty, but there are revision surgery and repair options. To discuss nose job correction with Dr. Del Vecchio, contact us at Back Bay Plastic Surgery in Boston, MA, to schedule a consultation today.

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