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Nose Hump Boston, MA

The nasal bridge plays a large role in the appearance of the nose. When the bridge is rounded or humped, it can distract the eye and draw attention to the nose. Large nasal humps are a common cosmetic concern, and one that can be changed with rhinoplasty. At Back Bay Plastic Surgery, we perform nose hump correction surgery at our location in Boston, MA.

Whether you have a small bump on your bridge or a significant dorsal hump, it can impact your appearance. While humps and bumps on the bridge are common, especially within certain ethnic groups, if they impact the balance of the nose or face, it may be desirable to have the bridge reshaped. Some small bumps can be covered with dermal filler in a liquid rhinoplasty procedure, which can temporarily hide this cosmetic flaw. For larger humps or bumps, nose reshaping surgery is required to flatten and straighten the bridge.

Removing Dorsal Humps

To create a more balanced nose shape, a dorsal hump can be reduced and sculpted. This procedure involves removing bone and cartilage that contribute to the hump or bump on the nose. Smaller bumps can be removed through closed rhinoplasty, which involves incisions inside the nose. For large dorsal hump removal, open rhinoplasty is usually the best choice to ensure the best outcome. After the hump is removed, the nasal bridge must be artfully reshaped to ensure a natural appearance.

Removing bone and cartilage from the nose must be carefully performed to minimize possible complications. Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio is a board certified plastic surgeon with decades of experience performing delicate nose surgeries. His attention to detail has made him one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons in the world, which is the caliber of surgeon you want when undergoing rhinoplasty.

You deserve to feel confident in your appearance. If you have a nose bump or hump you want removed, contact us at Back Bay Plastic Surgery. We can schedule your rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio at our plastic surgery center in Boston, MA, to discuss the best procedure to reshape your nose.

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