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Noses come in all shapes and sizes. And Caucasian noses and Non-Caucasian noses are not the same. The techniques for aesthetic improvement in the Non-Caucasian nose are drastically different from the Caucasian nose, and we specialize in Non-Caucasian rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty performed at Back Bay Plastic Surgery in Boston.

While the Caucasian nose is often too strong on the profile (dorsal hump), the Non-Caucasian nose is often too flat. While the Caucasian nose is often narrower on the front view, the Non-Caucasian nose is often too wide in the bony upper third, as well as in the nostril area. Therefore, the surgical strategies and approaches used to treat these two nasal types in vastly different — schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio to find out more about Non-Caucasian rhinoplasty and your options for achieving better results.

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Non-Caucasian Rhinoplasty Ideal Candidates

You might be a good candidate for Non-Caucasian rhinoplasty if you want to change the width of your nose in the bony upper third of your nose and narrow your nostril width. The alar cinch technique, first described by the late D. Ralph Millard, is the cornerstone of narrowing the Non-Caucasian nostril width. You should be prepared for a lasting solution and have reasonable expectations before going into a Non-Caucasian rhinoplasty procedure.

Non-Caucasian Rhinoplasty Surgical Technique

Prior to performing nose revision surgery, Dr. Del Vecchio will meet with you to determine your individual desires and goals before creating a treatment plan. During the actual procedure, Dr. Del Vecchio will choose either an open or closed approach. Most Non-Caucasian rhinoplasties must be performed using an open approach. When using the open technique, which is the most common, Dr. Del Vecchio will detach the skin from the cartilage and bone, which allows for increased visibility. Dr. Del Vecchio will then reshape the nose to the desired stature. The closed technique is simpler to perform and commonly used for less dramatic results. In some cases of Non-Caucasian rhinoplasty, a bone or cartilage graft may be required to help increase the tip definition of the nose.

What to Expect from Non-Caucasian Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty revision is typically performed under general anesthesia. The amount of time your surgery will take depends on the surgical strategy and the technique employed. After the procedure, you will be required to wear a nose splint for up to a week and may be asked to schedule a follow-up appointment to remove the splint and stitches. This will also allow Dr. Del Vecchio to check up on your progress. Since Non-Caucasian rhinoplasty surgery often involves thinning of nasal skin over the tip, swelling may be prolonged and the recovery time may be expanded. You may experience heavy swelling and bruising, as well as some discomfort for about 2-3 weeks.

Modify Your Look

Back Bay Plastic Surgery is dedicated to making sure that you are given the look you desire. At your consultation, we will render a nasal simulation using computer imaging. We will listen and work to understand your concerns and aesthetic goals before discussing your choices to give you optimal results. If you are considering Non-Caucasian rhinoplasty and want to schedule a consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio, contact our Boston, MA practice today.

Non-Caucasian Rhinoplasty FAQs

How much does a Non-Caucasian rhinoplasty cost?

The cost of a revision rhinoplasty varies based on the amount of reconstruction needed. During your consultation, Dr. Del Vecchio will listen to your concerns before examining the results of your original rhinoplasty. When a surgical plan is developed, he will be able to more accurately determine your costs. Dr. Del Vecchio can also discuss payment options and information on low-interest financing to make your revision rhinoplasty easier to afford.

How can I ensure that I will receive better results with a revision procedure?

It is extremely important to do research when selecting a plastic surgeon to perform your revision rhinoplasty. Dr. Del Vecchio is a skilled plastic surgeon with years of training in rhinoplasty with a special interest in revision rhinoplasty. He understands the advanced techniques and extra skills required to perform a revision rhinoplasty without weakening the structure of your nose.

How long should I wait after my original rhinoplasty?

It's important to give your nose time to heal after a rhinoplasty. In many cases, it can take over a year for inflammation to fully subside and the final shape of your nose to be visible. When your nose has completely recovered from rhinoplasty, you should take time to assess how you feel about the appearance before scheduling a consultation at Back Bay Plastic Surgery for revision rhinoplasty.

Will I need cartilage grafting?

For some revision rhinoplasty procedures, cartilage grafting may be necessary. This is performed by taking bone and/or cartilage from a part of the body, such as the ribs, and using it to restructure your nose. Typically, this is only needed in severe cases or if the cartilage was jeopardized during the first rhinoplasty procedure. Cartilage grafting may be used to help support the structure of your nose so you don't have breathing trouble after surgery. Dr. Del Vecchio will discuss the possibility of cartilage grafting during your consultation.

How common are revision rhinoplasty procedures?

Rhinoplasty is a popular cosmetic surgery and most patients are happy with their results. However, some rhinoplasties may require a second surgery to complete the procedure or to repair minor flaws. In a small number of patients, revision rhinoplasty is needed to correct major cosmetic concerns or functional problems created during the original surgery. If you are unhappy in any way with the results of your rhinoplasty by Dr. Del Vecchio or another surgeon, schedule a consultation to learn more about revision rhinoplasty.

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