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Juvéderm Boston, MA

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is one of the components inside the skin that gives it volume and firmness. As you get older, you lose some of this volume, along with elasticity from reduced collagen. Juvéderm® injections are facial fillers that use synthetic HA to restore skin volume to reduce wrinkles and lines, as well as contour the face and plump the lips. At Back Bay Plastic Surgery, we offer Juvéderm injection treatments for multiple cosmetic benefits at our clinic in Boston, MA.

HA works by attracting moisture under the skin to add volume. Juvéderm injections can be placed to smooth away deeper lines and wrinkles that may not disappear with Botox or other treatments. Smile lines around the nasolabial fold can be filled, or deeper furrow lines on the forehead. Beyond treating lines and wrinkles, Juvéderm injections can be used for:

  • Filling tear troughs or hollows under the eyes
  • Contouring the face
  • Adding volume to the temples
  • Plumping the lips
  • Reshaping the nose
  • Reshaping the chin

There are many uses for facial fillers that can improve the aesthetics of the face without surgery. Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio has years of experience using facial filler injections to achieve natural, beautiful results for his patients.

Facial and Lip Filler Treatment

Juvéderm injections are quick and comfortable. Most lip filler treatments or wrinkle filler procedures can be performed in about 15 minutes at our Boston clinic. Juvéderm injections contain lidocaine to minimize discomfort. The results are immediate, and most patients experience limited side effects – slighting swelling or bruising for a few days is common. You can enjoy the benefits of your filler injections for about a year. Juvéderm comes in various formulas that last from several months to over a year.

If you want to look your best but want a non-surgical solution, Back Bay Plastic Surgery offers non-surgical cosmetic procedures like Juvéderm Ultra™ facial filler injections. Come see us to learn more about all your aesthetic options at our Boston, MA, practice. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation to find out more about fuller lips and a younger looking face with Juvéderm injections.

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