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Furrowed Brow / Frown Lines Boston, MA

When you are angry, upset, worried or even surprised, the emotion can be displayed upon your brow. The forehead and eyebrows are a common place for dynamic lines that crease the skin. Over the years, the skin loses elasticity, and these dynamic lines are etched in place. If you have furrows on your brow, it can age your face and create an unhappy appearance. At Back Bay Plastic Surgery, we offer furrowed brow treatment with non-surgical cosmetic injections at our clinic in Boston, MA.

Botox to Get Rid of Frown Lines

One of the best options for smoothing away frown lines and a furrowed brow are Botox® injections. Botox is a neuromodulator that relaxes muscles that create the dynamic lines on the forehead. Whether you have the glabellar lines, or “11s,” between the eyebrows or horizontal worry lines across the brow, Botox can be an excellent solution.

Botox furrowed brow treatment only requires a quick visit to our office. The injections can be performed in less than 15 minutes with no need for downtime after your treatment. Botox injections are safe and have minimal side effects – the most common are bruising and swelling at the injection sites. In about 5-7 days, the frown and furrow lines on the brow will smooth away, with results lasting 3-4 months before another treatment is needed.

Facial Fillers for Furrowed Brow

Botox can work wonders for frown and worry lines, but some lines may be deep. Another furrowed line treatment option our plastic surgeon Dr. Del Vecchio may recommend is facial filler injections. Dermal fillers can add volume under the skin to smooth away deep furrow lines to achieve a more youthful and happier appearance for your face and forehead.

Look younger and more pleasant with furrowed brow treatment at Back Bay Plastic Surgery. Contact our office in Boston, MA, to schedule a frown or worry line consultation with Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio. Both Botox and facial filler injection treatments can often be completed the same day as your consultation, with no downtime needed after your treatment.

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