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Flaring Or Wide Nostrils Boston, MA
When someone is looking at your face, you do not want them staring at your nostrils. Wide or flaring nostrils can distract from your other focal features like the eyes or lips. If the base of the nose is wide, it could create the appearance of flared nostrils. To create a more balanced and pleasant-appearing nose, Back Bay Plastic Surgery offers flaring nostrils correction surgery at our clinic in Boston, MA.

Shorter or wider noses tend to have larger nostrils. This nose shape is common in many ethnic groups, with some people having more pronounced nostrils than others. The alar base is the bottom portion of the nose that extends from the outside of the base of each nostril. When the alar base is too wide, it can create larger or flared nostrils that are distracting to the eyes.

Flaring nostrils are not just a balance issue with the nose. When people are angry or upset, it is natural for the nostrils to flare. Wide nostrils can create an angry appearance to the face, even when the individual is feeling happy and content. Reducing the nostril size can improve both nose balance and the emotional factors.

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Nostril Reduction Surgery

If you have wide or flared nostrils, there are a few different techniques that can be used to reshape and reduce the nostrils. One method is alar base reduction, which creates a narrower base of the nose. The alar is the portion of the nose base that connects the nostril to the cheek. Removing a small wedge of the alar can reduce the appearance of wide or flaring nostrils. Other methods include extending the tip of the nose to improve the nostril and nose balance.

Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio is a top rhinoplasty plastic surgeon who is known all over the world for his attention to detail and incredible aesthetic outcomes. If you have wide, large or flared nostrils, Dr. Del Vecchio can offer solutions to achieve your ideal nose shape. To learn more about flared nostril correction surgery, contact us at Back Bay Plastic Surgery. Call our location in Boston, MA, to schedule your personalized consultation.

flaring or wide nostrils before and after photos

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