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Droopy Tip Boston, MA
When the nasal tip of the nose drops too low, it can throw off the balance of the nose appearance. A droopy or hooked nasal tip is a common cosmetic concern for patients, as it can draw too much attention to the nose. A nasal tip lift or reshaping can have a significant impact on the balance of the nose, both from the frontal and profile view. If you need a droopy nose tip correction, Back Bay Plastic Surgery is your source for excellent nose reshaping results in the Boston, MA, area.

droopy tip before and after procedure

When there is nasal tip cartilage that extends downward, it can distract the eye from other facial features. This is especially noticeable when the patient smiles, bringing the nasal tip too far down. Most hooked or droopy nasal tips are a genetic feature, especially with some ethnicities. Reshaping and lifting the nose can balance the nose with the other facial features to create a more attractive appearance.

Nasal Tip Reshaping and Lifting

Rhinoplasty can be used to reshape and lift a droopy or hooked nasal tip. The technique used depends on the severity of the nasal tip plunge. Some of the possible changes to the nose to create a more balanced appearance can include:

  • Trimming the nasal tip cartilage
  • Reducing the length of the septum
  • Lifting the nasal tip with cartilage grafts or stents
  • Trimming the lateral cartilages to raise the nasal tip
  • Suturing the cartilage to lift the nasal tip

Reshaping or lifting the nasal tip can make a significant improvement in the nose balance. This procedure can be combined with other nose reshaping techniques to create the desired nose appearance.

Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio has spent over three decades performing complex plastic surgery procedures. He is world-renowned for his surgical artistry, with plastic surgery centers in several major cities, including Boston. If you are considering rhinoplasty to lift or reshape a droopy/hooked nasal tip, you will not find a more talented plastic surgeon to perform your procedure. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio, contact our surgical center in the Boston, MA, area.

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