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Chin Filler Boston, MA

The projection of the chin impacts the jawline, face shape and balance of the facial features. Chin augmentation can improve facial harmony, but not everyone is ready to consider plastic surgery. A non-invasive option for augmenting the chin is using facial filler injections. Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio at Back Bay Plastic Surgery offers chin filler augmentation at our clinic in Boston, MA.

Facial filler injections are not just for plumping lips and smoothing wrinkles. When used by an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Del Vecchio, filler injections can be used to contour and shape facial aesthetics without surgery. The most common type of dermal filler is hyaluronic acid, which creates volume under the skin by attracting moisture. Dr. Del Vecchio can determine the best filler to provide a chin augmentation for each patient.

Chin Augmentation with Filler Injections

A small or receded chin can make the face look unbalanced. When the chin is smaller, the nose can look larger. By adding volume to the chin, you can create a harmonious facial shape and improve the jawline for an attractive appearance.

Chin augmentation with filler injections has multiple benefits. The procedure can be completed in a short office visit, and there is no need for downtime or recovery after the injections. The main side effects are usually slight bruising or swelling from the injections that dissipates in the next few days. Dr. Del Vecchio will use his expertise to create a natural-appearing projection and enhancement of your chin to complement your facial shape and features. The results are temporary, lasting several months or longer. This is an opportunity to “try on” a chin augmentation and see if permanent chin implants may be right for you.

If your face seems unbalanced due to a small or recessed chin, consider non-surgical chin filler augmentation. Back Bay Plastic Surgery is your source for innovative cosmetic procedures, including chin filler injections. Contact our office in Boston, MA, to schedule your non-surgical chin augmentation with Dr. Del Vecchio.

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