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Chin Augmentation Boston, MA

The chin is often overlooked when it comes to important facial features. The shape and size of the chin impact the entire balance of the face. A small chin can make the nose appear larger and affect the jawline and facial profile. Chin augmentation can make a significant difference in the facial appearance for those endowed with small chins. Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio at Back Bay Plastic Surgery performs artistic chin augmentations that complete and balance the face at our Boston, MA, clinic.

The center features of the face are important for harmony and balance. The chin, mouth and nose all align to create the lower face profile. When the chin is recessed or “weak,” the lower portion of the face looks small, and the nose and forehead can appear larger. From the profile, there is a lack of definition for the chin, jaw and neck. Chin augmentation can add depth to the jaw and correct the unbalanced appearance of the face. Many patients combine a chin augmentation with rhinoplasty to correct the center feature alignment for beautiful results.

Chin Implant Surgery

Dr. Del Vecchio is a board certified plastic surgeon with decades of experience in reshaping the face and body. For chin augmentation surgery, or mentoplasty, silicone implants can be used to create the desired jaw and chin definition. Dr. Del Vecchio uses his artistic eye and surgical expertise to help patients choose the right chin implant shape and size for their face. The procedure can be performed with incisions inside the mouth or under the chin, both discreetly hidden for a natural appearance.

Chin augmentation can make a dramatic impact on the facial balance. The surgery is performed under general or IV sedation and requires about two weeks of recovery while the swelling and bruising dissipate. However, the results are immediate, and patients can see the difference in their facial balance and chin definition right away.

If you have a small or recessed chin, augmentation may be the solution to achieve better facial harmony. To learn more about chin implant surgery, or mentoplasty, at Back Bay Plastic Surgery, contact our office in Boston, MA. Our team can schedule a consultation with Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio to discuss whether chin augmentation is right for you.

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