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Breast Lift Boston, MA

The skin and tissue of the body change with age, including in the breasts. Over time, the breast tissue and skin can sag, and breasts that once projected may droop against the chest. Pregnancy and weight gain/loss can also affect the perkiness of the breasts, resulting in sagging skin and tissue. Breast lift surgery can reposition the breasts higher and remove excess skin for a perky, youthful appearance. Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio at Back Bay Plastic Surgery offers breast lift surgery to rejuvenate the breasts at our clinic in Boston, MA.

Mastopexy, or breast lift surgery, has become more popular in recent years. Many patients that think they want a breast augmentation actually are better suited for mastopexy. Breastfeeding, pregnancy, weight loss and aging can deplete the breast volume and result in sagging breasts. However, the breasts may not need implants or fat to achieve a more youthful, full appearance. Instead, elevating the tissue and removing excess skin can reshape and project the breasts. Once the breasts are lifted and reshaped, many patients do not need augmentation. However, mastopexy can be completed with an augmentation to achieve both higher and fuller breasts.

Breast Lift with Augmentation

If a patient wants to both lift and increase the size of her breasts, Dr. Del Vecchio can discuss augmentation with mastopexy. Implants or fat transfer can be used to add volume to the breasts once the mastopexy is complete. Implants are the traditional option for augmentation, but the new advancements in fat transfer can offer natural, beautiful results. Dr. Del Vecchio is one of the pioneers and leading experts in cutting-edge fat transfer techniques, including the EVL breast augmentation with fat transfer.

Breast lift surgery can create healthier, more youthful breasts to improve your shape. If you want to lift and reshape your breasts, mastopexy at Back Bay Plastic Surgery is a wonderful option. We also offer both implant and fat transfer breast augmentation that can be combined with mastopexy. Rejuvenate your breasts and body – start the process with a personal consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio to discuss cosmetic breast surgery. Contact our office in Boston to schedule a mastopexy consultation.

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