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Breast Asymmetry Correction Boston, MA

Most women have breasts that are slightly different in size or shape – the left and right breasts are rarely identical. However, the slight difference is not usually noticeable and does not impact the aesthetics of the breasts or body. Some women do have noticeable asymmetrical breasts that may be differently shaped or significantly uneven in size. Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio at Back Bay Plastic Surgery offers breast asymmetry correction procedures at our medical center in Boston, MA.

Breast asymmetry can impact how your breasts look, even when wearing clothes. Some women have breasts that are different cup sizes or different shapes, making it difficult to buy bras or clothes that fit correctly. To achieve balanced breasts, one or both breasts can be reshaped and resized through plastic surgery. Dr. Del Vecchio uses multiple methods to achieve symmetry with the breasts for an improved appearance.

Balancing Uneven Breasts

Each breast asymmetry correction procedure is personalized to the patient. Dr. Del Vecchio listens to his patients and discusses what would be their ideal results. For some women, only one breast needs reshaping or resizing – increasing the volume with a fat transfer or implant augmentation will correct the uneven breasts. For others, increasing or decreasing both breasts in volume is the best solution. Correcting uneven breasts is an opportunity to obtain the desired shape and size that you always wanted for both breasts, whether that is larger or smaller than your natural breasts.

Breast shape and size contribute to your body’s shape and curves. If you feel self-conscious of asymmetrical breasts, you do not need to live with the breasts you were given. Cosmetic breast surgery can give you natural-appearing breasts that are balanced and match your body shape, improving your self-confidence.

To learn more about breast asymmetry correction surgery, contact us at Back Bay Plastic Surgery today to book your appointment and begin your journey to beautiful, sexy curves with balanced breasts. We can schedule a cosmetic breast surgery consultation with Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio at our clinic in Boston.

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