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Yes, Men Can Get Plastic Surgery Too! Boston, MA
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When it comes to facial plastic surgery, it is common to assume you are talking about female patients. After all, women are the ones wanting to look beautiful, younger and more attractive, right? Not so fast. Men have some of the same insecurities about their appearance as women. Fortunately, the benefits of facial plastic surgery can absolutely cross the lines of gender.

Just like women, men can turn to cosmetic surgery to look younger, more attractive and feel more confident. In fact, for men, facial plastic surgery can also help them retain a competitive edge in their career. At Bay Back Plastic Surgery, we have a keen understanding of the unique needs and concerns that men have when it comes to facial aesthetics. Our dedicated cosmetic surgery techniques can revitalize the male face without compromising masculinity or creating a “worked on” appearance.

Men also deserve balanced and natural looking results in male plastic surgery. Some of the most common procedures performed on male patients include the following:

  • Male Rhinoplasty
  • Eyelid Lift
  • Cheek, Chin, & Jaw Augmentation
  • Male Facelift Surgery

In addition to these procedures, Bay Back Plastic Surgery also offers a full menu of non-surgical services to rejuvenate the male and female face. Whether you want to add a chemical peel to your rhinoplasty or Botox to your blepharoplasty, we can customize your treatment plan so that it produces the most attractive and refreshed outcome possible.

Improving or altering your facial appearance is never something to take lightly. At our Boston clinic, you can trust Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio to customize your cosmetic procedure to your unique needs and goals. Call us today to schedule your consult for male plastic surgery. We can help you reclaim your youth and confidence as a man while also preserving your valued masculinity.

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