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Problems with Breast Implants Can Be Corrected Boston, MA
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When you first had your breast implant surgery, you may have been thrilled with the results. Over time, however, you may have noticed changes to your breast shape, size or firmness. It is also not uncommon to discover you decided on a size you do not enjoy, or your lifestyle has changed and your current breast size is impeding your activities. For some people, the breast implant surgery did not give them the results they wanted, either because they visited a novice surgeon or have an older style of implant. Regardless of your breast implant difficulties, breast implant revision can address any problems you may have.

Breast Implant Revision Every Decade

Even if your implants are not causing you any difficulties, breast implants are not meant to last a lifetime. Most manufacturers state implants should be changed every 10 to 15 years, and they should be replaced sooner if there is a problem, such as leaking. Any change in size of an existing implant should be checked and addressed immediately.

Implant revision may also be required if you have experienced significant weight loss. Depending on how your implants were placed, you may have lost the natural shape of the breast and require repositioning of the implant.

No matter the reason, a highly skilled surgeon can provide you with new, beautiful implants and a youthful appearance. With breast implant revision, you usually will not experience any new scars, because the revision can use the previous incision lines. Exchanging your implants for newer ones gives you implants that are more comfortable and feel more natural. The procedure will also restore the perkiness of your breasts, no matter what size you choose.

Fat Transfer Instead of Implants

Instead of new implants, a highly-skilled and experienced surgeon can perform breast fat grafting. While there are a few different techniques, fat transfer is very safe. The result of a fat transfer is one of the most natural-feeling breast augmentations. Since there are limits to the amount of fat that can be transferred, combining fat transfer with an implant provides for the sexiest, most natural breast possible.

Dr. Vecchio at Back Bay Plastic Surgery is a pioneer and expert in breast fat transfer and combination procedures. Contact the office today to correct your implant problems as soon as possible.

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