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Prevailing Aesthetic Goals Among Breast Augmentation Patients Boston, MA
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A breast augmentation (boob job) is a cosmetic surgery procedure intended to improve the appearance of one’s breasts. Breast augmentation enhances a woman’s bust by making her breasts more prominent and perky with implants.

Those who feel their breast size is insufficient, out of proportion with their body or fails to meet their aesthetic expectations in any other way can benefit from this procedure. The following aesthetic goals are the most common among patients requesting breast augmentation.

Nearly All Patients Want Natural-Looking Breasts After a Boob Job

Breast augmentation with a natural appearance aims to enhance breast volume without altering the breast’s existing shape. When chosen carefully, the size and contour of a breast implant can improve the appearance of the breasts. However, undesirable changes to the breast’s appearance are possible with a poorly chosen implant.

Finding the right implant and inserting it gently into the breast are crucial steps toward a long-lasting and natural-looking breast augmentation. When done correctly by an experienced plastic surgeon like Back Bay Plastic Surgeon Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio, a breast augmentation can enhance your appearance and boost your confidence for years to come.

Some Patients Want Breast Augmentation to Improve Shape-Related Issues

Some people have natural breasts that are not symmetrical or present anatomical shortcomings, such as breasts that appear tuberous or are too small. Dr. Del Vecchio frequently performs breast augmentation to correct these aesthetic issues. Patients can see a dramatic improvement in breast shape after receiving shaped, form-stable implants, which cause tissue expansion in the bottom pole of the breast.

It is also necessary to consider getting a breast lift (mastopexy) during your breast augmentation surgery to address shape discrepancies that implants alone cannot resolve. For example, an implant cannot raise a nipple positioned too low or drooping breast tissue caused by aging. However, a breast lift can fix these issues.

Any Aesthetic Goal Can Be Met with Modern Breast Augmentation Surgery

The breast augmentation methods available today are the safest and most customizable in history. Patients and surgeons have more freedom of choice regarding implant type, shape, placement and incision location thanks to incredible advances in surgical technology.

The development of the fat transfer procedure has also significantly altered breast enhancement surgery. This method involves liposuction to harvest fat from another body area and inject it into the breasts. Women who seek a subtle increase in bust size and want a more natural approach may find this method ideal. Dr. Del Vecchio is a pioneer of this procedure.

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