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3 Reasons to Consider Facial Fat Transfer Boston, MA
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As you age, it is not uncommon to notice changes in the accumulation and dispersion of fat in your body. While you may notice an addition of fat in your stomach or arms as you enter your 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, you are likely to see a loss of fat in areas of your face. When fat and volume are lost in the cheeks, it is certainly not celebrated like it is when you lose fat in your waistline.

The loss of facial fat as you age is a natural and normal process for both men and women. Combined with a loss of collagen and elasticity in the skin, this facial fat loss can often create sagging and wrinkles throughout your face as well as a loss of definition within your most attractive facial features. Many adults who have suffered fat loss in the face will also look tired and old from their hallowed appearance. While dermal fillers can be an excellent solution to restore youthful volume to the face, they are only temporary. Facial fat transfers, however, are not only longer lasting, but they are also a more natural alternative than facial fillers.

Not sure if facial fat grafting is right for you? Here are some of the top reasons to consider this cosmetic procedure:

#1 Youthful Results Without Ongoing Maintenance
A facial fat transfer can instantly reverse areas of the face that have become unsightly due to volume and fat depletion. This includes boosting volume and vitality into hallowed areas of the face that often create tired eyes and sagging jowls. Unlike dermal fillers that also promise to add volume and hyaluronic acids into aging skin, a facial fat transfer is more permanent and requires no ongoing maintenance.

#2 Safe, Natural and Minimally-Invasive Procedure
A facial fat transfer is a minimally invasive cosmetic surgery using your own body fat to restore volume. Since we are not injecting foreign material into the skin, the body can break down the substance without triggering an immune response. There is much less risk for side effects or adverse reactions with facial fat transfer. This outpatient procedure can be performed quickly with local or twilight anesthesia. Most patients are free to resume normal activities shortly after their procedure.

#3 Slim Down Other Areas
In order to do a facial fat transfer, we must take fat away from another area of your body. In doing so, liposuction is used to remove unwanted on the abdomen, thighs or other area of concern. This harvested fat will undergo a purification process before it is strategically injected into the cheeks, under the eyes and/or around the mouth.

Is a Facial Fat Transfer Right for You?

Are you bothered by sunken eyes, increased wrinkles, sagging jowls, gaunt cheeks or thinner lips? Do you want to avoid the injection of chemically-produced dermal fillers? Back Bay Plastic Surgery can help. Dr. Del Vecchio uses innovative fat grafting techniques to create the most natural, youthful and lasting results for your aging face. Call now to schedule your facial fat transfer consultation in Boston.

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